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Being a big travel fan, I know that the prices for some tickets are enough to seriously consider your stay-cation. But let me assure you that I have never paid an extraordinary price for airline tickets. It's because I'm waiting for the right moment to buy. And I'm going to let you in the secret of saving the big one. There are a ton of theories about the best day to buy air tickets. Some people say on Tuesday at three in the afternoon, some say that on Wednesday, and some say it's a weekend... But, I know one simple idea.

The whole process of finding cheap air tickets can be done simply and in one click. It is enough to know where to make this click, not to look for tickets on the websites of Airlines and booking services. Jetradar will do it quickly and efficiently. In a few seconds you will be shown the prices of flight tickets to Paris from all airlines and points of sale of air tickets. You will have to choose the right offer or you can think about the date of the trip, because the price of the air ticket the next day can be exactly twice cheaper.

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Despite being very popular, JetRadar doesn’t have many user reviews. Those which do exist are positive, but users don’t seem very interested in expressing their opinions. This is most likely because the website does exactly what is supposed to and the company doesn’t get involved in the transactions.

JetRadar collaborates with a very high number of agencies and airlines, so it does indeed find the best flights. And because it’s completely free to use, it can’t cause any trouble for the visitors. All that this website does is show flight options, so it has virtually no drawbacks.