Travel to Paris: thinks, tips and recommendations

Paris - the largest tourist center of Europe. This city is known for a rich history, plenty of attractions and a wide variety of entertainment. If you come to Paris, you do not have to be in the hotel all most of the time you'll spend on tours, museums, restaurants, and visit Parisian cabaret. This will require some money. Many excursions and activities are expensive, the price of tickets may surprise you. As a result, you may need quite a large sum. Prepare for the trip to Paris in advance - a great idea. You can spend more time and choose a good hotel with an excellent location. This will save a large amount. Tickets to museums and theater have to buy online. You save 10-15%. Book tours online - it is cheaper. Be sure to buy a card ParisPass - you get discounts almost everywhere, even in the subway and the bus. Our site will help you make a choice and save your money.